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Extremely Manual iPhone Firmware 2.1 Jailbreak for 3G Released by XPWN

There is a very manual tutorial up at on how to Jailbreak your iPhone with the 2.1 firmware:
T14:19 14:19 2.1 3g jailbreak tutorial 14:22 geeb: has it been tested? 14:22 comm 14:22 yes by me 14:22 and others in #xpwn are running it now
The following are the instructions
Download the 2.1 firmware <--,2_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw

Mobile Chat When Will it Work?

If you've had an iPhone since the launch of Apples Application Store, then you most likely have bought the app Mobile Chat. I mean who wouldn't, just looking at their features you'd be silly not to pick the only instant messenger on the iPhone. Granted there are Web App versions, but nothing application wise. Here are some of the features.
MobileChat supports the following protocols: * AIM/ICQ/.Mac/MobileME * Windows Live/MSN * Yahoo Messenger * GTalk * Jabber/XMPP Multiple Accounts

Sony’s back: shifting from “recovery to profitable growth” — 380 new PS3 games

I still think that the PS3 will come back to haunt us all. Although I'm not a console gamer, but rather strictly a PC Gamer I have always loved the PS titles I played at my friends house. But I have see the graphics for the Xbox 360 and they look just amazing. Wait for the new GTA and THPS to see if the PS3 will rise from the grave it has been placed into by the console community.
Sony's back: shifting from "recovery to profitable growth" -- 380 new PS3 games -

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var digg_url = ''; Howard Stringer -- Sony Corp's CEO and man with the plan -- just exited stage-left from Sony's annual shareholder meeting in Tokyo. To say that the 6,000 attendees were skeptical of said plan would be an understatement given a year of fiscal losses, job cuts, PS3 under-performance (with an eventual Kutaragi dismissal), and an embarrassing and dangerous recall of some 10 million batteries among other missteps. Still, Howard stood strong, assuring investors that Sony has made the swtich from "recovery to profitable growth" and will be a "dominant company" in the digital age. So what's the plan?

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Nokia N95 + RC plane = unlimited DIY aerial photography

Nokia N95 + RC plane = unlimited DIY aerial photography -

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If you've found yourself tempted by other interesting DIY aerial photography rigs, but spent all your dough on the Nokia N95 instead, you may still be able to make a lifelong (or momentary) dream come true. A pioneering lad over at the N95 Blog has suggested that nearly unlimited high-resolution aerial photography can be yours if you're willing to strap your precious handset to an RC plane and get savvy with Pict'Earth software. The application allows users to create a theoretical Google Earth of their own if the existing imagery isn't up to snuff with their personal standards. Still, we'd have to mull this one over mighty hard before attaching such a valuable communicator to a potential death bed, but feel free to let us know how things go if you can muster the courage.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


How to restrict users in linux to their home directory

So lets say you have a server with a bunch of users and they all have sites and data and you don't want them to be able to see each others data. A lot of distributions aren't setup to stop users from wandering and reading files within other users directories.

Can SEO Exist within Drupal?

Good, but outdated article dealing with SEO and Drupal. I have adopted most of the modules and changes listed on this site. You also want to make sure that you use the Google Webmaster Tools, they're your friend and will guide you to success.
I began the Devbee website back in March as a way to help others by way of documenting what I have learned about Drupal and also to drum up a little bit of business for myself. The content of this site is extremely targeted, and I don't ever expect to see more than a few hundred visits a day. This definitely does not reflect the expectations, or at least hopes, of most website owners. It's typically all about bringing in as many visitors as possible to generate money through advertising or purchases. Sites interested in bringing in large numbers of visitors typically do this by spending a lot of time focusing on "search engine optimization" (SEO). Absolutely nothing can drive traffic to a site like a top placement in the search results on one of the major search engines. - [DevBee]