My Road to Video Editing in 2024

I posted this on Facebook, because I had to clean up my Google Drive due to lack of storage and sort through dumps I did onto Google Drive. Some of the dumps included video footage.

I’ve been going through video footage from 2015 and putting up on Youtube. Starting to get the hang of Davinci Resolve, but now stuck with trying to get music. I know I’ll need it for WordPress related videos in the future.

What are you using to source royalty or one time fee music?

Second, what are the tools you’re using to create videos?

Thanks, and happy Friday yall!

Here are some of the suggestions, as well as information I’ve found

Research and Suggestions

Screen Capture

Camtasia – Fast and Easy Video Editing Software | TechSmith
Download the best video editing software for Windows & Mac, used by 39 million+. Free trial. Record your screen, edit clips, add effects, transitions, and more.


You can use YouTube’s free music, but here are some platforms that have free and paid music.

Royalty-Free Music for Videos | Download | Epidemic Sound
The best royalty-free music catalog for content creators and filmmakers of all levels. Try it for free and use our over 40,000 royalty-free tracks on all platforms.
Pricing • Select Your Plan • Uppbeat
Get started on Uppbeat for free with incredible free music and no copyright issues. Or unlock everything and unleash your creativity with a Premium or Business plan.


Cheapest Cold Storage Backup


Someone posted on a Facebook group looking for the cheapest means for cold storage backups. I did some research and collected some data.



All depends, if you have a petabyte or half a petabyte it might work. It might be cheaper to just sync data to another data center. LTO8/9 are 12/18TB uncompressed.

But you have to buy new tape drives every 5 years as the technology changes and data gets bigger. If you have a tape library that has four drives, it can be costly.

You also have to rehydrate, sending tapes back and forth and having backup software manage them. You also need to replace tapes due to lifespan or duplicate tapes for redundancy (they’re not 100% reliable).

For a small setup, you could look at this, which offers to stage. I haven’t used it but looks cool

You’ll have a massive upfront cost for tape, the drive being the most expensive, then an appropriate HBA which is usually pretty cheap, and then the tapes, which are also relatively inexpensive.

But what about the storage of the tapes? Do you ship them to a friend? What software are you going to use for backups? There are lots of caveats with tape, even with LTFS

SSDs + Safety Deposit Box

You could get a safety deposit box, buy 4x8TB SSD’s M.2 and plop them into this bad boy and get 32GB RAW or less in a software RAID.…/qnap-tbs-464-mini-all…

You could buy two or even a spinning disk QNAP and rehydrate every month.

The only issue is M2 SSD’s are expensive, you’d want a SATA 8TB for around $900 pop. and grab this little guy…/synology-diskstation…

Or you could just buy 2TB SSDs and use a docking station like this…/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc… 

Use SSDs like tapes. Just keep an eye on for the cheapest per GB SSDs. The cheapest SSD out there is the SAMSUNG 870 QVO 4TB.

You could put the SSDs into an electrostatic bag with a dry pack and seal it 🙂

Online Storage

Backblaze B2 (Per TB)

At USD $5/month/TB this is pretty affordable if you have over 20TB per month you can reach out for reserve capacity which requires time commitments.…/reserve-capacity-storage.html

Backblaze Personal Backup (Unlimited)

At USD $5/month if you can use Backblaze Personal Backup, you can back up an unlimited amount of data. The operating system would just need to be able to see the data. This doesn’t come with versioning.

Backblaze Largest Personal Backup (2018)

I saw this thread on Lowend Box about the largest personal backup at Backblaze on the Personal Plan that is $5/month. Granted this is data from 2018.

Here’s a screenshot of the post.

Here’s the screenshot from imgur.

Here’s the original image, in case the one from Imgur get’s taken down.

S3 Glacier

Cost USD $3/month/TB, and actually cold storage.

Cost EUR €1.56/month/TB, not cold storage.


Cost USD $5.99 TB/month, not cold storage.

OVH Cloud Storage

Cost USD %$9.5 TB/month, not cold storage.


There really isn’t much of a conclusion, the cheapest solution is Backblaze but you can’t backup NAS devices. seems to be the cheapest.

Live Blog – 07-27-2022 – Docker, PHP Package Oneliner

Docker + Speedtest Tracker

I love that I have a Synology since I can run my own Speedtest Tracker! I was having issues on Zoom and knew it was me as I have notifications set up when my ping or up/download speed drops. You can run this on pretty much anything, a raspberry pi or a spare mac. Just install docker, and you’re off to the races!

Install Multiple PHP packages based on Version

Want to install a bunch of PHP packages easily via CLI for a different PHP version.? Just run the following snippet. It works in bash and zsh, and can be used with apt and yum 🙂

apt-get install php74-{mbstring,mysql}

I required smartctl command from the smartmontools package under Ubuntu, and simply running apt-get install smartmontools resulted in some recommended packages to be installed suck as mail-utils and postfix of which I required neither.

There is an option with apt, which will not install recommended packages, its --no-install-recommends as you can see in the below example.

apt-get install --no-install-recommends smartmontools