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Symantec outgrows underground nuclear bunker

Almost like a RTCW Malware Camp. Would be interesting to see what the bunker looks like.
Symantec outgrows underground nuclear bunker - Symantec has emerged from its bunker in the British countryside, moving its malware-fighting operations from a former U.K. military nuclear shelter to a more conventional office in Reading. The nuclear bunker, with concrete walls and an obscure entrance on a hillside near Twyford, England, was used for one of the company's Special Operations Center (SOC). The regional centers are used by security analysts who are part of the company's Managed Security Services. Companies hire Symantec to help with part or all of their IT security operations.

The nuclear shelter may have been good public relations for a security company, but it wasn't comfortable: It lacked windows and had "sanitation" problems, company officials said. On Wednesday, Symantec offered a tour of its new facility in Reading to journalists, analysts, and customers. The facility, formerly used by storage company Veritas, which Symantec acquired in 2005, has twice as much space as the bunker and was needed to accommodate Symantec's growth.

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Microsoft changes mind, agrees to fix IE’s URI handler

Microsoft agrees to release a patch to fix some of the security issues but not all in Internet Explorers URI Handler. I don't understand why Microsoft has such a lazy stance on security, I want to use Internet Explorer just as securely as any other browser. One mis-typed url after a fresh install of Windows could cause malicious software to gain entry to me desktop.
Microsoft changes mind, agrees to fix IE's URI handler - Microsoft has stated that they will be releasing a patch to fix some, but not all, potential security flaws resulting from third-party applications being fed maliciously malformed URI requests.Read More...