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Official Jailbreak for iPhone 2.1 Firmware Released OSX Only

There is now an official version of QuickPwn that supports the 2.1 firmware released by Apple on friday.
Some of the popular press and blogs have been backing the opposition. :-) While criticism and competition is fine it should be reported correctly, with all the facts. and certainly minus the FUD. Do you guys think we are “less and less relevant with each passing day” ? We don’t think so, and we certainly prefer our hacks to theirs. ;-) Though even if the world deems us irrelevant, the iPhone family of devices is still fun to hack!
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Insane Laptop: Alienware m9750

Insane Laptop: Alienware m9750 -

Looks like Alienware will never stop out-doing itself. This bad boy comes packed with up to two 512MB GeForce Go 7950’s using SLI and a slew of Core 2 Duos to pick from. Options include a pair of 200GB HDD’s in RAID 0 for a total of 400 gigs of media storing power. The 17″ 1920 x 1200 res LCD is also sure to impress. Integrated b/g/nwireless, Bluetooth 2.0, and 7.1 high def audio is definitely making a few mouths water at CrunchGear HQ.

Alienware Area 51 m9750

Click on for a few more pics (more…)

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Fiber Optic Table Illuminates Your Dining

Fiber Optic Table Illuminates Your Dining - Deepa writes "We highly doubt LumiGram's Luminous Fiber Optic Tablecloth was designed with power outages in mind, but why hook up a boring string of lamps or fiddle with half melted candles when you can plug this bad boy into the generator? The cloth, which has fiber optics woven throughout, cotton borders, and a Europlug mains adapter, proves most useful when the lights are dimmed, and should prove quite the centerpiece at your next get-together. The illuminating device is available in a trio of sizes, comes in a variety of color schemes."

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Whaddya mean WalMart is sold out of Telekinesis Helmets®, Mommy?

Whaddya mean WalMart is sold out of Telekinesis Helmets®, Mommy? - The latest fashion in mindwear Hitachi: Move the Train With Your Brain The “brain-machine interface” developed by Hitachi Inc. analyzes slight changes in the brain’s blood flow and translates brain motion into electric signals. A cap connects by optical fibers to a mapping device, which links, in turn, to a toy train set via a control computer and [...] [Dvorak]
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Microsoft adds Virtual Machine additions for Linux

Microsoft has released an Update to its Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. This update improves on the interoperability of running "Qualified" Linux Operating Systems as guests or Virtual Machines. With added support for SuSE Enterprise Server 10, Guest and Host time synchronization, SCSI hard disk emulation and more! The Qualified Linux Operating Systems don't include Debian, Ubuntu or any Unix/BSD OS. :(
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