AMD CEO: Intel Is a Monopoly, Microsoft Isn’t

AMD CEO: Intel Is a Monopoly, Microsoft Isn't – [WArp2Search]
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WWDC Leopard Beta Leaked Onto BitTorrent Site

I haven't seen this on any private trackers that I'm on. It looks like it hasn't fully been leaked. Either way, I want to install this and try it out. I am definitely liking OSX more and more as they keep adding features and GUI improvements.
WWDC Leopard Beta Leaked Onto BitTorrent Site -


It looks like the WWDC beta of Leopard was leaked onto the Oink BitTorrent Web site. (I’m not about to download it, though, that’s for sure.) Here’s a screen shot. And another. And another. That last one made me laugh. Oops!

Nobody’s completely downloaded the 6GB file yet, but the site’s forum is red hot with activity and the file already has 205 comments. Choice lines about the leak in recent days have included “this is f*#$ing ridiculous. i want leopard, and i want it now. hurry, before some heads start to roll” and “Please do not talk about this torrent file outside of OINK.”

Someone should notify Apple.


Foxconn Brings DirectX 10 To The Broke Masses

Foxconn Brings DirectX 10 To The Broke Masses -


So you’ve got your Windows Vista and you want to get a hold of a little bit of that DirectX 10 action, but your bummer of a video card is being a buzz kill? That sucks. You’re supposed to upgrade that, but who’s got that kind of scratch laying around? Those cards cost an arm and a leg and probably some other stuff. Sit down, dweeb, Foxconn’s got you set.

Today the silicon-card maker announced two new cards made for DirectX 10 based around the Nvidia GeForce 8400GS. And they both fall in the sub-$100 category. Sure, that could mean $99.99, but it’s still a good deal. The cards are pretty much the same, though one has 256MB RAM whilst the other has a wimpy 128MB.

We don’t have a lot of details, just that they exist and will hit the market soon. Their maxrez (that’s maximum resolution, n00b) is 2,560×1,600, which is totally respectable. The core clock is 450MHz with 850MHz on the memory clock. I don’t expect you to understand that, but it basically means they’re not the fastest around, but still plenty speedy for under a Benjamin. Word.

Foxconn Announces Nvidia GeForce 8400GS Cards [ExtremeTech, via Slashgear]


Run Windows Applications within Ubuntu

I ran into this article about how you can seamlessly run Windows Applications from within Ubunutu. The author is using VMware, rdesktop (apt-get install rdesktop), and Seamless RDP.