BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 Beers

BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 Beers – Can’t forget Beer For The Blind. [Dvorak]
BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 BeersCan’t forget Beer For The Blind. [Dvorak]
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Error’d: Crashing Las Vegas

This is awesome. I recently took a trick to Las Vegas, and wondered about all of the the neat hardware that runs the screens and lights.
Error'd: Crashing Las Vegas -

Surely, you’ve seen the commercials and are familiar with Las Vegas’ First-Commandment / Clever-Marketing-Tagline: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. I suppose we can bend that rule today and share a couple pictures that Christopher Kimbell snapped while he was walking down the strip…

… and later that day …

As for the rest of the pictures that Chris found on his camera after his vacation? I think we'll just leave those in Vegas…

[The Daily WTF]