BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 Beers

BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 Beers – Can’t forget Beer For The Blind. [Dvorak]
BILK (Beer + Milk) Isn’t Weirdest Of These 10 BeersCan’t forget Beer For The Blind. [Dvorak]
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Microsoft better at patching XP than Vista?

Microsoft better at patching XP than Vista? - A Microsoft security executive released data Thursday showing that, six months after shipping Windows Vista, his company has left more publicly disclosed Vista bugs unpatched than it did with Windows XP. In total, Microsoft has patched 12 out of 27 disclosed Vista vulnerabilities in the six months after it first shipped last November. During XP's first six months, Microsoft's security team patched 36 out of 39 known bugs. The data was published by Jeff Jones, a Microsoft security strategy director, who said that overall, Vista was doing better than XP. "Windows Vista continues to show a trend of fewer total and fewer high-severity vulnerabilities at the six month mark compared to its predecessor product, Windows XP," he wrote.

Jones didn't address the larger number of unpatched vulnerabilities, but he did note most of the unpatched Vista bugs were not critical. Microsoft had left only one high-severity Vista vulnerability unpatched during the period. At the end of XP's first six months, there were two high-severity bugs that were unpatched. Microsoft patched 23 high-severity XP bugs during its first six months, compared with only one high-severity Vista flaw. Jones argued that Vista had a lower number of vulnerabilities than competitive operating system products such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Mac OS X.

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[NeoWin-Main] sold for $400,000

I got this link from a friend over MSN, interesting read, almost over a million dollars spent on domains.

Rick Latona of went on a spending spree this week and more than half a million dollars later he was the proud new owner of ($400,000), ($57,000), ($30,000) and ($12,500). The first three names all landed on the top half of our new Top 20 chart and just missed making the Big Board. All four names were acquired in private transactions. In addition to being the biggest sale reported this week, is the 6th biggest sale reported so far in 2007.

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Hitachi launches 3 new sexy slim LCD TV’s – 35mm thick

Hitachi has released their new 35mm thick LCD's, if you take a look at some of the pictures you will see just how slim this product is. They have released three different sizes of the TV in 32", 37" and 42". Hitachi is now the first company to officially have the world's first thinnest LCD TV's.