Student suspended after doing nothing more than voicing marijuana opinion

Student suspended after doing nothing more than voicing marijuana opinion – More abuses within the schools. [Dvorak]
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Error’d: More Like Didgeridon’t! 4G Australian Time Zone Application

Error'd: More Like Didgeridon't! -

If you were tasked with building a time zone synching application, you could probably do it in less than 1MB. Maybe you Linux guys could write it in one line of Perl (or at least brag about having the ability to write it in one line of Perl). Hell, maybe you'd just use the built-in synching functionality in your favorite OS. Anyhow, I can't imagine the crazy Western Australian rules for calculating time that make this software baloon to 4GB.

(submitted by Marty)



[The Daily WTF]

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

If you're a Comcast Customer, then you should be concerned with what they're doing to your internet connection. Why? Because Comcast is filtering your internet traffic, this article goes in-depth into what exactly is being filtered and tests that prove it is occurring. On one hand it looks like Comcast is trying to keep its network from being stressed with file sharing, on the other it looks like they might not just be filtering file sharing protocols.

KDE 4 Beta 3 – Screenshot Tour

A rather in-depth screenshot tour of the new KDE 4 beta 3 booted from a LiveCD.
Stephan Binner has released a new version of his KDE Four Live CD. This version uses a recent SVN snapshot and works quite well. While I had some trouble testing the newest KDE 4 Beta release on my test machine, the KDE Four LiveCD works surprisingly well. According to Stephan the version used on this LiveCD is KDE 4 Beta 3 plus a set of recent patches.
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