Dell’s Latitude XT up close — a bit too close

The review and pictures of Dell’s first Tablet. The author sum it up stating that the tablet looks like an IBM Thinkpad with its boxiness design.

The review and pictures of Dell’s first Tablet. The author sum it up stating that the tablet looks like an IBM Thinkpad with its boxiness design.

Dell’s Latitude XT up close — a bit too close – Here you go, the up-close shots of Dell’s Latitude XT tablet you’ve been waiting for. Thing is, just like a Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte, somethings are best viewed from a distance. Dell’s Latitude XT sports enough black boxiness to make ThinkPad owners swoon. Poor souls, Dell may have added a scroll wheel to the XT’s bezel but you’ve still got your crimson-red nipples — let’s call it even, mkay? Biggie pics over at the French site LesDeLLiens just beyond the read link. [EnGadget]

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Apples iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Causes More Issues Than It Fixes

I just saw this article on Slashdot... Slashdot | Apple's IPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs Yahoo posted the news article... Apple's iPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs (NewsFactor) by NewsFactor: Yahoo! Tech Both articles comment on the 2.0.1 firmware. However if you read the original article, it speaks about the new firmware which is 2.0.2 and was released on the 18th. NewsFactor Network | Apple Reportedly Plans Another Fix for the iPhone Either way, I don't have problems with my phone aside from MobileChat crashing and other Applications as well.
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MySQL, Thread Caching, Linux and a busy site!

Heres an article that helped me with an issue over at a friends site Their site was exploding and they need to tune out the current server as much as possible. One thing that I noticed was that MySQL wasn't tuned properly. So After making some changes and finding out that there was no thread caching, I searched the web and found this article.
Wow, it's been a busy week. I was totally swamped for several days dealing with the MySQL servers and related stuff. And then I used a day or two to recover (sleep, shower, etc). Anyway, I made some interesting discoveries along the way. The most surprising one had to do with thread caching on Linux when you have a busy MySQL server--busy in a particular way, mind you.

Read the full article at

***UPDATE*** I have moved over to lighttpd and its doing wonders! You can also check out the mirror at I will also be writing an article about lighttpd and how it can help you get the most out of your hardware.

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24-hour Test Drive of PC-BSD

My original colocation machine was FreeBSD 4.2 and it was fun to play with. The package system was great, you could either compile or install pre-compiled versions. However, when you upgrade and leave compiled/pre-compiled packages dormant. They can come back to bit you in the ass with dependency issues and the package database breaking. I'm glad someone is making an effort to make it more user friendly, although I don't run BSD I love a lot of its features. 24-hour Test Drive of PC-BSD - An anonymous reader writes "Ars Technica has a concise introduction to PC-BSD, a FreeBSD derivative that emphasizes ease of use and aims to convert Windows users. The review describes the installation process, articulates the advantages of PC-BSD,and reveal some of the challenges that the reviewer faced along the way. From the article: 'In the end, I would suggest this distribution to new users provided they had someone to call in case of a driver malfunction during installation. I would also recommend PC-BSD to seasoned Unix users that have never tried using FreeBSD before and would prefer a shallower learning curve before getting down to business.'"

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Swiftweasel (Default branch)

Unfortunately there is no swiftweasel for debian etch/testing:
jordant:~# apt-cache search swift cakephp - MVC rapid application development framework for PHP libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl - library to determine DNS server vendor, product and version starfighter - 2D scrolling shooter game xwpe - Programming environment and editor for console and X11
I had to browse to the SourceForge project page, and download the appropriate version for my machine, which is a athlon64/32bit.
jordant:~# wget ""
I just untar'd the file, and ran ./firefox from within the directory and it picked up all my settings and everything. Next I had to set it up so that I just had to type firefox within a console. So I created a symlink in my 'bin' folder with all my other custom perl scripts and other command line programs/scripts:
[jordant@jordant:/home/jordant/bin]> ln -s ../swiftweasel/firefox firefox [jordant@jordant:/home/jordant/bin]> rehash [jordant@jordant:/home/jordant/bin]> firefox &
I also had to setup my fluxbox keybinding like so:
Mod4 z :ExecCommand firefox &
I originally was using "iceweasel" which is the Debian fork of Firefox, you can read why Debian had to fork Firefox on WikiPedia I do notice a difference, pages load pretty fast and the FasterFox Plugin helps. However they packaged an extension called "AdBlocks" which I've never used and I don't really like. But for now I have just removed it.
Swiftweasel (Default branch) - Swiftweasel is an optimized build of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser for Linux. It offers builds for both AMD and Intel processors. Swiftweasel is 100% compatible with all Firefox themes, plugins, and extensions. License: Mozilla Public License (MPL) Changes:
The update notifications feature that made its first appearance in is installed. When a new version is available, you will be notified so you can get it. Further font rendering improvements were done. Automatic detection of plugins is done in common directories in the file system. A few more build tweaks were made. The "Release Notes" option in the Help section brings up the release notes.
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