Air Force to Get “Cyber Sidearms”

Shouldn’t the Air Force have more than this already implemented? Hopefully this software doesn’t take lots of tax money and never go anywhere or even get implemented.

Shouldn’t the Air Force have more than this already implemented? Hopefully this software doesn’t take lots of tax money and never go anywhere or even get implemented.

Air Force to Get "Cyber Sidearms"mlbtaz writes to mention that techs working on Air Force networks will soon be getting “cyber sidearms” to help alert them to potential security breaches. “The tool could be a small piece of software installed on Air Force computers or it could be a simple mechanism for taking a screenshot and relaying it to security experts, said Maj. Gen. William Lord, who will soon take command of the Air Force’s provisional Cyber Command. In an interview this week, Lord said service officials have not made a final decision about which technology they will use for the program. “

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Windows XP SP3 showing increases in performance

An article written by Richard Koman from talks about the performance increases that everyone will see once SP3 for Windows XP is released. The company Devil Mountain Software, has recently done tests on Windows Vista in regards to the up-coming release of SP1. The testing concluded:
"The hoped-for performance fixes that Microsoft has been hinting at never materialized," the testers reported. "Vista + SP1 is no faster" than out-of-the-box Vista, they said.

Get A Blackberry Curve For $49 Without Hassle

Get A Blackberry Curve For $49 Without Hassle -

If you’re in the market for a new phone and the Blackberry Curve has caught your eye, don’t go walking into an AT&T store just yet. Amazon is offering the device for a cheap-as-hell $49 without any rebates whatsoever. Yup, just plug in your credit card, place an order, and you’ve got yourself a Curve for under fifty bucks.

One slight issue. If you break AT&T’s terms of service agreement in 181 days after the purchase, you get hit with a $250 fee from Amazon in addition to the normal fees AT&T will charge you. So tread carefully on this amazing deal.

Deal of the week: Amazon offering Curve for $49 [BGR]


Volvo treasure hunt delayed after locating $500 million instead

Volvo treasure hunt delayed after locating $500 million instead -

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In an interesting turn of events, it seems like the winner of Volvo's lucrative treasure hunt won't be unearthing the $50,000 treasure anytime soon, as the automaker's hunt partner (Odyssey Marine Exploration) has happened upon an actual $500 million treasure instead. The reported fortune is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean -- in a secretive area known only as Black Swan -- but reports are claiming that a court in the Spanish coastal town of La Linea has "issued an order for the Spanish Guardia Civil to detain any Odyssey vessel should it leave the port of Gibraltar," which has brought about an abrupt halt to Volvo's retrieval plans. Thankfully, it sounds like the Russian winner will still be awarded the dough and a new XC70 to boot, but there's no telling how long it'll be before Odyssey is able to put aside its bigger worries and dig up the (comparatively) paltry $50k.

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Detect insider threats with Linux auditing

Detect insider threats with Linux auditing -

Organizations of all sizes need to mitigate the risk of insider threats. Misconduct by authorized users represents a grave threat to an organization. According to the 2005 Computer Security Institute and Federal Bureau of Investigation Computer Crime and Security Survey, organizations reported that computer intrusions from inside sources accounted for nearly half of all incidents. You can secure your network perimeter with intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and virus scanners, but don't neglect to monitor authorized users. The Linux Audit daemon can help you detect violations of your security policies.


Symantec outgrows underground nuclear bunker

Almost like a RTCW Malware Camp. Would be interesting to see what the bunker looks like.
Symantec outgrows underground nuclear bunker - Symantec has emerged from its bunker in the British countryside, moving its malware-fighting operations from a former U.K. military nuclear shelter to a more conventional office in Reading. The nuclear bunker, with concrete walls and an obscure entrance on a hillside near Twyford, England, was used for one of the company's Special Operations Center (SOC). The regional centers are used by security analysts who are part of the company's Managed Security Services. Companies hire Symantec to help with part or all of their IT security operations.

The nuclear shelter may have been good public relations for a security company, but it wasn't comfortable: It lacked windows and had "sanitation" problems, company officials said. On Wednesday, Symantec offered a tour of its new facility in Reading to journalists, analysts, and customers. The facility, formerly used by storage company Veritas, which Symantec acquired in 2005, has twice as much space as the bunker and was needed to accommodate Symantec's growth.

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