Air Force to Get “Cyber Sidearms”

Shouldn’t the Air Force have more than this already implemented? Hopefully this software doesn’t take lots of tax money and never go anywhere or even get implemented.

Shouldn’t the Air Force have more than this already implemented? Hopefully this software doesn’t take lots of tax money and never go anywhere or even get implemented.

Air Force to Get "Cyber Sidearms"mlbtaz writes to mention that techs working on Air Force networks will soon be getting “cyber sidearms” to help alert them to potential security breaches. “The tool could be a small piece of software installed on Air Force computers or it could be a simple mechanism for taking a screenshot and relaying it to security experts, said Maj. Gen. William Lord, who will soon take command of the Air Force’s provisional Cyber Command. In an interview this week, Lord said service officials have not made a final decision about which technology they will use for the program. “

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Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 (1 Terabyte) HDD review

I just picked up a SATAII 500G drive that went for $130CAD, Western Digital. Hitachi use to make drives for IBM, if you ever remember the DeathStar's. It seems that someone forgot to put in some logic within the drive, and have the drive park its heads during idle. It never did this and eventually the heads got so dirty they would scratch the disk. This has all been fixed now, but its a blast from the past when you see "DeskStar" popping up. I remember losing quite a bit of data that summer. I did however recover some by putting the drive in the freezer. :D
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 (1 Terabyte) HDD review - The terabyte race for consumer desktop hard drives has been on for a long time, now the first generation of drives is here. On April 25th, Hitachi announced that it would begin shipping the Deskstar 7K1000, their latest series of consumer hard drives, weighting in at 750GB and a monstrous 1000GB (1TB). The 1TB version which we are reviewing today is slated at $399, a serious price tag for this colossal amount of storage.

The Deskstar 7K1000 represents a milestone for Hitachi and for the hard drive industry as a whole, as it is the first drive to offer a 1 terabyte capacity. However, Hitachi has not simply grabbed five 200GB platters and stuck them together to create a 1TB hard drive. Rather, there is much more to the Deskstar 7K1000, such as its Serial ATA II interface and the massive 32MB memory buffer. This is also the first desktop Hitachi drive to feature PMR technology (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording).

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Thieves take off with $50,000 worth of cellphones

Thieves take off with $50,000 worth of cellphones -

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The anecdotal evidence for a spike in electronics robberies is piling up, with the latest high profile robbery netting the thieves $50,000 worth of cellphones from a T-Mobile store. Three armed men walked into the store in Fort Bend County in Texas on Thursday, and demanded the "good phones" from the store's safe and the tapes from the CCTV. Staff were tied up, and the thieves deposited the phones into black plastic bags and walked out. Unfortunately for the robbers, T-Mobile keeps a good track of its inventory, and can identify any of the phones if they turn up on the network (meaning that the $50,000 sticker value is much lower on the black market). Crime doesn't pay, especially when your stolen goods can be tracked.

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The Russian Mafia Doesn’t Like Spam Either

This is a very interesting read, it looks as though Spammer Alexy Tolstokozhev was found murdered within his spam-bought estate.
We all know how annoying can spam be. Although there are highly sophiscated tools nowadays, which can reduce the amount of spam in your mailbox to the minimum, it’s still at least unpleasent to see all those “penis enlargement” mails. But people working in this “business” aren’t safe anymore: Alexey Tolstokozhev (btw, in Russian his name means ‘Thick Skin’), a Russian spammer, was found murdered in his luxury house near Moscow. He has been shot several times with one bullet stuck in his head. According to authorities, this last head shot is a clear mark of russian hit men (known as “killers” in Russia). Tolstokozhev was a famous spammer who sent millions of e-mail promoting viagra, cialis, penis enlargement pills and other medications.