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Bug Clean up for QuickPwn

Not too long after releasing and updated PwnageTool and Quickpwn, the team has released an update to QuickPwn.
We’ve had some issues with iPod touch devices and the latest version of PwnageTool for the Mac, in certain conditions incorrect permissions will be used and the keychain doesn’t save passwords. So hold on and wait for the next release, we’ll push out the updated version via Sparkle as soon as it is tested (it is being tested right now).

The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting

This is awesome. Hopefully this will show the competitors that their service is slow and sometimes over zealous with the deleting of some content. Go Pirate Bay!
The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting -

Us pirates know that The Pirate Bay team has been working on several new projects, with one of them becoming a competitor to YouTube. For now though, we’ve been blessed with BayImg, a unique image hosting service from TPB. Unlike sites like Photobucket and Imageshack, who will delete your photos if deemed “unfit”, BayImg lets you upload any image, uncensored, in over 100+ file formats.

So break out those photos of you shooting JFK and upload them without worry. BayImg takes no personal information from you and gives you a url for image deletion in case you got ahead of yourself. Tags are also available for easy browsing. Seems like a great service. So can it take on the big players? It’s quite possible.

The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting [TorrentFreak]


Layeredpanel 1.0.6 (Default branch)

Layeredpanel 1.0.6 (Default branch) - Screenshot Layeredpanel is a freehosting panel which allows Linux hosters and administrators to open a large-scale freehosting platform for their users. It includes an easy-to-use interface for administrators and users alike to create user profiles, databases, and complete sites. It features one-click installation of well-known applications like phpBB and Joomla.