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Universal Network Boot Disk with over 92 different network cards!

Very useful utility, especially if you need to use ghost on a network with non-standard hardware and network cards.
The Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk is a DOS bootdisk that provides TCP/IP networking support. It's designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs. Currently 92 different network card drivers all included, all on the single 1.44MB disk! Most people use this bootdisk for "Ghosting" PC's over a network connection. This disk will provide the DOS networking and drivers to allow the mapping of a network drive containing your imaging software and files. TCP/IP based image transfers, like GhostCast is also supported. About the Disk, Feature List...
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Featured Mac Download: Monitor your Mac with iStat menus

Featured Mac Download: Monitor your Mac with iStat menus - istat-menus.png

Mac OS X only: Donationware application iStat menus integrates system statistics like CPU, RAM, HD, and Network usage into your Mac's menubar.

iStat menus is completely customizable, so you can include only those stats that you want (enabling all of the available stats would mean a lot of menubar clutter). In the past we discussed how to display your system activity in the dock, but iStat menus takes this idea to an entirely new level of system monitoring. iStat menus is donationware, Mac OS X only.

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How to restrict users in linux to their home directory

So lets say you have a server with a bunch of users and they all have sites and data and you don't want them to be able to see each others data. A lot of distributions aren't setup to stop users from wandering and reading files within other users directories.
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