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iTouch/iPhone dev team decrypts ramdisks, gains access to secpacks!

A great step forward for the iTouch/iPhone Dev Team and owners of the iPhone and iTouch, hopefully something will be out this weekend or next week.
iTouch/iPhone dev team decrypts ramdisks, gains access to secpacks! - In a sudden boost of inspiration, the decryption keys for all iPhone/iPod touch ramdisks were found by the iTouch/iPhone dev team. This paves the way to unlocking iPhones on 1.1.1. In the statement made, the team assures users that hope _is_ on the horizon.
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Annoyed, hospitalized teen unplugs neighbor’s life support

Annoyed, hospitalized teen unplugs neighbor's life support -

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It should probably go without saying that anything connected to a power source within the confines of a hospital has a fair shot at being pertinent to the livelihood of at least one individual, but obviously a 17-year old teenager in Germany needed the memo. After the perpetual noise of what would prove to be his neighbor's life support machine "got on his nerves," he proceeded to simply unplug the device without precaution in order to ensure that "he got his peace and quiet." Of course, we can only assume that the sirens and squeals that were emitted due to his misreckoning were immensely louder than the prior hum, but some folks just love to learn the hard way. Thankfully, medical personnel stepped in and saved the man from perishing, but the teen at fault lost a lot more sleep after that whilst being questioned by police.

[Via El Reg, image courtesy of NAIAD]


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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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Intel Preps Dual-Core Celeron Microprocessors

I remember the first Celerons or 'Cellys' back in the day. Cheap and relatively good for someone who can only work on one task at a time. Not for an uber geek or insane multi-tasker as you would be able to tell whether or not you were using a Celeron by just sitting down and using the PC for 15 minutes. Either way, an affordable alternative to the current Intel Core Duos.
Intel Preps Dual-Core Celeron Microprocessors - Multi-core chips are sweeping the processor market and single cores are becoming harder and harder to find. This trend is about to go through the roof while prices plummet to the basement.
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Brewery offers lifetime supply of beer in return for stolen laptop

A brewery in New Zealand is offering a lifetime supply of beer, in return for a laptop that was stolen from the Croucher Brewing Company in Rotorua New Zealand. Typically if something is stolen, the theft will usually use it or sell it. Everyone has been approached with an offer to buy a new laptop for cheap, and you know in the back of your head that its stolen. But in this case would you be seen as the bad guy for buying the stolen laptop, or the good guy for returning it for the free lifetime supply of beer?
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