It All Comes Together: Laptop roundup

It All Comes Together: Laptop roundup – Secure your laptop with the LaptopLock“Don’t let the creep who stole your computer paw through your private files, passwords and personal information.” Turn a t-shirt into a keyboard cover“Great for saving your lappie’s screen from keyboard scratches with an old or free tee, this project requires only a bit of cutting, ironing and sewing.” Stuff We Like: Laptop CushTop“Man, there’s nothing worse than frying your thighs with a hot laptop in the middle of some very important web surfing.” DIY magnetic power connector“If you’re familiar with the MagSafe magnetic connectors on the new MacBooks, this is a DIY version for Thinkpads.” Use your laptop as a giant clock“To always end your presentation on time without glancing at your watch (a gesture that communicates to the audience that you can’t wait to finish and leave), place a laptop on the floor in front of where you’re speaking, and set it up to display a giant clock.” Make your own laptop stand“I’ve always liked the iLap laptop stands, but I’ve never been able to justify the price…” Laptop Troubleshooting Tip: Re-seat your RAM“…the moral of the story might save you a trip to the computer hospital..” Video demonstration: Fix your wine-soaked laptop“Save your laptop from the heartbreak of liquid spills.” MacGyver Tip: Silence your laptop with snipped headphones“Repurpose those old crappy earphones into a laptop silencer.” How to secure your laptop for air travelPack laptops with soft foam or bubble wrap and place laptop bags inside other luggage to protect them from rough handling and to keep them inconspicuous.” Use your cell phone as a modem“You’re stuck with the laptop in the land of no Internet, but you’ve got unlimited minutes or a great data plan on your cell phone.” [LifeHacker]
It All Comes Together: Laptop roundup


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Screenshot Tour: Customize Windows XP with TweakUI

LifeHacker Has a walk through of how to customize Microsoft Windows XP with Tweak UI, with included screen shots.
Customize Windows XP with TweakUI - One of the best tools for fine-tuning Windows XP is the free TweakUI PowerToy utility from Microsoft. TweakUI digs deep into Windows' settings and can customize its behavior dozens of ways, from how many icons appear on the Alt-Tab dialog to Explorer context menu choices to what your program shortcuts look like. TweakUI's been around forever and we've mentioned it here and there throughout the years at Lifehacker, but it's high time we gave it the full walk-through it deserves. After the jump, take a gander at 15 useful adjustments you can make to your XP system with TweakUI.
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WoW Database Site Sells for $1 Million

WoW Database Site Sells for $1 Million - MattHock writes "Wowhead (a WoW information database) has to ZAM (Affinity Media) for the price of $1 Million. ZAM is the owner of several other WoW databases, including Thottbot and Allakhazam. Until recently Affinity was also the owner of IGE, a highly controversial company that sold in-game wealth for real life money. Affinity recently sold IGE, which Wowhead claims as the reason they allowed the sale to go through. But did ZAM really sell IGE? The blogger who put this story online doubts that IGE and ZAM have actually distanced themselves. He believes that the supposed sale was just actually a means of restructuring to hide the relationship, similar to how IGE's relationship to Thottbot was hidden for a number of months through a convoluted set of parent companies."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting

This is awesome. Hopefully this will show the competitors that their service is slow and sometimes over zealous with the deleting of some content. Go Pirate Bay!
The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting -

Us pirates know that The Pirate Bay team has been working on several new projects, with one of them becoming a competitor to YouTube. For now though, we’ve been blessed with BayImg, a unique image hosting service from TPB. Unlike sites like Photobucket and Imageshack, who will delete your photos if deemed “unfit”, BayImg lets you upload any image, uncensored, in over 100+ file formats.

So break out those photos of you shooting JFK and upload them without worry. BayImg takes no personal information from you and gives you a url for image deletion in case you got ahead of yourself. Tags are also available for easy browsing. Seems like a great service. So can it take on the big players? It’s quite possible.

The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting [TorrentFreak]

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Protect your MediaWiki from anonymous users.

After searching for some time on an easy way to protect an internal wiki. I found the following article useful. It goes in-depth into what you would need to change on a base MediaWiki configuration to only allow registered users to see the content within the Wiki. After following all the steps I know am able to login to my private Wiki over SSL! Thus allowing me to keep all my private and important notes online!
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Inside Nvidia’s Testing Facilities

Here's an article from FiringSquad about their trip inside NVIDIA’s Santa Clara campus, which houses many labs and their massive group of grid computers. Good read, images included!
NVIDIA releases a new product, on average, every 6 months. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. But what goes on behind the scenes to make this happen? Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to find out exactly what happens behind NVIDIA’s closed doors. We were given almost unrestricted access to NVIDIA’s many labs and their high-performance computing center; what we saw was impressive. We were essentially given unfiltered access to see and talk with the people at NVIDIA. The engineers did not have to turn off their monitors when we walked into their labs. We were simply asked to black out any parts of the image that could reveal confidential information. Read More
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