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What to do when you need remote backups for Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac?

I was looking for a solution to backup three of my linux machines that I have running this site and many others. After searching for some time, I didn't actually need to go with a company. I found a friend that provided me some space. During this time I did find out some useful information.

The Top 100 Fanboy Movies of All Time

Top 50 fanboy movies, number one was 'The Godfather' which is true in my books. Lots of other good movies were mentioned as well. If you're looking to watch some classic movies as well, Casablanca and Citizen Kane are also within the top 20.
The Top 100 Fanboy Movies of All Time - Earlier this year AFI re-voted their top 100 American movies of all time. There was much discussion from bloggers and fanboys out there – some more passionate and angered than others. Therefore we spearheaded another vote. We can now put rest speculations of how the fans may have voted for their favorite films, in comparison to the AFI’s.