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Spam: Keep your email address from spambots with Text to ASCII

Spam: Keep your email address from spambots with Text to ASCII - ASCII.png

Webapp Text to ASCII converts plain text into its ASCII equivalent - meaning it can obscure your email address or other private data from automated spambots online. This isn't a foolproof method, as spambots can be programmed to decode ASCII, however, a good majority of them aren't. Go ahead and check out Text to ASCII's capabilities -- this entire post is written in ASCII. View the source code and verify! The next time you want to leave your email address in a web form, head over to Text to ASCII, convert your email address to ASCII and you'll be good to go.


Malware Pulls an “Italian Job”

This is a pretty crazy article, and the indication that 80% of the sites were at the same large italian hosting provider. Well it looks like some script kiddies did something more than just ./obb target. Imagine having access to half or a quarter of an ISP's machines, for dDoS, spam and phishing. 

Malware Pulls an "Italian Job" - A number of readers sent us word about a malware attack that has been underway since Saturday that began with the compromise of more than 1,100 mostly Italian Web sites. Websense claims that more than 10,000 sites have been infected by now, 80% of them in Italy. There are indications that most of the Italian sites are resident at the same large Italian hosting provider. Trend Micro reports on the attack, which is launched from a malicious Iframe tag inserted into pages on compromised sites. For visitors to these sites, this begins a cascade of "drive-by" malware downloads if one of several targeted vulnerabilities is available and unpatched. The first page to which visitors are redirected by the Iframe hosts a recent version of Mpack attack software. Panda has a month-old report on Mpack (PDF) that provides copious detail about its nefarious ways.

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Safari 3.0.2 Beta

Safari 3.0.2 Beta - Safari has always been the fastest browser on the Mac and now it's the fastest browser on Windows, loading and drawing web pages up to twice as fast as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Mozilla Firefox 2.

Why you'll love Safari:

* Blazing Performance2x Faster - Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.
* Elegant User Interface - Safari's clean look lets you focus on the web - not your browser.
* Easy Bookmarks - Organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes.
* Pop-up Blocking - Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.
* Inline Find - Search any text on any website with the integrated Find banner.
* Tabbed Browsing - Open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.
* SnapBackSnapback - Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of a website.
* Forms AutoFill - Let Safari complete online forms for you, automatically and securely.

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FBI Seeks To Restrict University Student Freedoms

FBI Seeks To Restrict University Student Freedoms - amigoro writes with a link to the Press Escape blog, which is discussing new guidelines suggest by the FBI for university administrations. The Federal Bureau, worried about the possibility of international espionage via our centers of learning, now sees the need to restrict the freedoms of university students for national security. "FBI is offering to brief faculty, students and staff on what it calls 'espionage indicators' aimed at identifying foreign agents. Unexplained affluence, failing to report overseas travel, showing unusual interest in information outside the job scope, keeping unusual work hours, unreported contacts with foreign nationals, unreported contact with foreign government, military, or intelligence officials, attempting to gain new accesses without the need to know, and unexplained absences are all considered potential espionage indicators."

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Intel’s Dual-Processor Enthusiast Platform Q1 2008

Would you pay for a Dual Quad Core gaming system, that also has support for 4 way SLI multi-GPU configuration? Well, if you would, then its almost near with the new platform from Intel called Skulltrail. Specifically for gaming, its also possible that this rig could used for other applications. I'm sure Intel will be releasing a server/enterprise version shortly after.