Dutch Consumers’ Union asks for free copies of XP for Vista victims

So it looks like Vista was also a problem for the Dutch, and now they want free versions of XP to replace the bug infested Vista.

So it looks like Vista was also a problem for the Dutch, and now they want free versions of XP to replace the bug infested Vista.

In a recent meeting between the Dutch Consumers’ Union (Consumentenbond) and Microsoft Netherlands, the consumer organization asked for free copies of Windows XP for members who were having problems with Vista. Microsoft, of course, refused.

The refusal has led Consumentenbond to call on consumers to explicitly ask for Windows XP when purchasing a new computer and for shops to provide free Windows XP packages to those dissatisfied with Vista.

The meeting was initiated by the union after it did a five weeks investigation, where it received some 5,000 consumer complaints about Windows Vista. Most of the complaints revolved around application and peripheral hardware compatibility issues.

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