Wireless networks possibly causing health risks

The United States Goverment has ordered an investigation into possible health concerns over the use of wireless networks and causing health issues within americans.

The United States Goverment has ordered an investigation into possible health concerns over the use of wireless networks and causing health issues within americans.

The government has ordered a wide-ranging investigation into wireless computer networks amid concerns over the potential health risks they pose for millions of schoolchildren and office workers.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) will spend two years conducting lab tests and monitoring exposure levels to the wireless signals in classrooms, homes and offices, before compiling a health risk report on the technology.

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Swiftweasel (Default branch)

Unfortunately there is no swiftweasel for debian etch/testing:
jordant:~# apt-cache search swift cakephp - MVC rapid application development framework for PHP libnet-dns-fingerprint-perl - library to determine DNS server vendor, product and version starfighter - 2D scrolling shooter game xwpe - Programming environment and editor for console and X11
I had to browse to the SourceForge project page, and download the appropriate version for my machine, which is a athlon64/32bit.
jordant:~# wget "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-"
I just untar'd the file, and ran ./firefox from within the directory and it picked up all my settings and everything. Next I had to set it up so that I just had to type firefox within a console. So I created a symlink in my 'bin' folder with all my other custom perl scripts and other command line programs/scripts:
[[email protected]:/home/jordant/bin]> ln -s ../swiftweasel/firefox firefox [[email protected]:/home/jordant/bin]> rehash [[email protected]:/home/jordant/bin]> firefox &
I also had to setup my fluxbox keybinding like so:
Mod4 z :ExecCommand firefox &
I originally was using "iceweasel" which is the Debian fork of Firefox, you can read why Debian had to fork Firefox on WikiPedia I do notice a difference, pages load pretty fast and the FasterFox Plugin helps. However they packaged an extension called "AdBlocks" which I've never used and I don't really like. But for now I have just removed it.
Swiftweasel (Default branch) - Swiftweasel is an optimized build of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser for Linux. It offers builds for both AMD and Intel processors. Swiftweasel is 100% compatible with all Firefox themes, plugins, and extensions. License: Mozilla Public License (MPL) Changes:
The update notifications feature that made its first appearance in is installed. When a new version is available, you will be notified so you can get it. Further font rendering improvements were done. Automatic detection of plugins is done in common directories in the file system. A few more build tweaks were made. The "Release Notes" option in the Help section brings up the release notes.
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I use to work for an ISP and was head of the Abuse Department. We only really received legitimate DCMA's that were then handled by legal. We didn't really seem to get that many DMCA notices, maybe its because we're a Canadian organization?
Corporate critics feel the stinging lash of DMCA misuse -

Two recent cases show that companies aren't always fans of criticism, and some will file misguided DMCA notices and defamation cases to scrub it from the Internet.


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Installing Drupal Part I

The Drupal setup portion was pretty easy, I just had to create a database and provide the database login credentials to the Drupal install page. This page is the default page of where you put the install. After this, I was able to post and do all sorts of things. I did hit a hitch though, when I started playing around with the Drupal "Administer/Site configuration Clean URLs/Clean URL's". At first it wasn't enabled, and of course for Search Engine Optimization I wanted them to work. I knew this could only be done by a .htaccess file, but where was it? Well, after further searching on Google I find this little article: http://drupal.org/node/15365 Where it tells you what needs to be in the missing .htaccess file, however the information they provided was: RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA] Which then gave me an Internal 500 server error, and I kinda new what was going on. But I was being kinda lazy about it. I checked the apache2 log: [Thu Jun 14 13:17:58 2007] [alert] [client] /home/geektank/public_html/.htaccess: <Directory not allowed here, referer: http://geektank.net/?q=admin/settings/clean-urls You will need to remove the "<Directory" portions to make it work as .htaccess files can't have this information, otherwise they will get this error. Duh, I mean it even said on the the Drupal page about the information they provided: If you don't use the .htaccess that comes with Drupal you'll need to add some rewrite rules into your apache directory directive. Consult the .htaccess file in Drupal for examples of rules. I was still getting a 500 Internal Server Error, and I saw this in the apache2 error log: [Thu Jun 14 13:18:22 2007] [alert] [client] /home/geektank/public_html/.htaccess: Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration, referer: http://geektank.net/?q=admin/settings/clean-urls LOL, I didn't enable mod_rewrite in apache2. Mind you this is a new install of Debian Etch, so I just did a2enmod rewrite and viola, nice clean links! Now I just need to get the formatting down for Drupal. I'm use to MediaWiki, which powns.
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Auto Bounced Messages Management vBulletin Module Helps Purge Bad Email Address On Your Forum

I was browsing through my mail spool on my machine, and I noticed that there were some messages in one of my accounts for a vBulletin forum. After further review, it was some bounce backs that had accumulated from users that didn't have a valid email address. I then started to do some Google searches for a vBulletin module (vBulletin's search is horrendous and practically useless) and found this module.
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