AMD showing records sales in Q3 but still in the negative for earnings

AMD’s reports for the third quarter of 2007 show a strong revenue increase of 18%, however AMD is still show negative in earnings.

AMD’s reports for the third quarter of 2007 show a strong revenue increase of 18%, however AMD is still show negative in earnings.

I love the smell of a price war in the morning. Record microprocessor sales and an overall revenue increase of 18 percent versus the previous quarter, 26 percent year-over year, and a 29 percent revenue increase in the graphics segment—such a strong quarter—wasn’t enough to pull AMD into positive earnings territory. At least the chipmaker is less in the red than it was in the second quarter.

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Here is the updated QuickPwn for Windows, wrapped by Poorlad’s GUI. It contains our new bundles for 2.0.2 and we’ve added support for version 2.0 devices which means you can QuickPwn and jailbreak the device if it is running 2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. Remember this is still beta software, so usual rules apply, no complaints ifanything goes wrong and use the tool at at your own risk! Download here! SHA1 = 8e1ed2ce9e7e473d38a9dc7824a384a9ac34d7d0

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Download the new QuickPwn 1.2.0 with the new 2.0.2 bundle.

Thanks for another successful Jailbreak!

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