Attacks started on users of Internet Explorer and RealPlayer 0day exploit.

I haven’t really heard of many RealPlayer exploits, however this zero day one is a nasty. This is an Internet Explorer exploit only, so if you’re using FireFox you’re in luck.

I haven’t really heard of many RealPlayer exploits, however this zero day one is a nasty. This is an Internet Explorer exploit only, so if you’re using FireFox you’re in luck.

October 19, 2007 (Computerworld) — Attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in RealPlayer in order to infect Windows machines running Internet Explorer, Symantec Corp. said late Thursday. The security company issued an alert that rated the threat with its highest possible score.

According to a warning issued to customers of its DeepSight threat network, Symantec said an ActiveX control installed by RealNetworks Inc.’s RealPlayer program is flawed. When combined with Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser — which relies on ActiveX controls to extend its functionality — the bug can be exploited and malicious code downloaded to any PC that wanders to a specially crafted site.

Only systems on which both RealPlayer and IE have been installed are vulnerable.

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A lot of points they make do kinda conflict, asking for more for a lower price. However, there are a lot of good points. The points I agree on are ditching fireware for esata, and onboard raid controllers.
October 12, 2007 (Computerworld) -- The recent word from The Inquirer that Apple may be hoarding all of Intel's new 45nm Penryn processors -- and possibly paying for the privilege -- has prompted a lot of speculation about the future of Apple's Mac Pro desktop lineup. Apple's professional machines, which now use Intel Xeon Cloverton chips topping out at 3 GHz, are called workstations by Apple and offer quad- and eight-core configurations. They're fast, and they sport professional prices to match, with top-of-the-line eight-core units starting at $3,997. Read More

Setting up daily, weekly and monthly MySQL Database Backups using AutoMySQLBackup

AutoMySQLBackup is a shell script that allows daily, weekly and monthly backups of your local and remote MySQL Databases. It's meant to run on Linux/Unix through a cron job. Its highly configurable, and easy to setup as I will show you today! First you will need to acquire the shell script and drop it on your server. You can download AutoMySQLBackup on their SourceForge Project Page

AMA to Vote on Whether or Not Video Game/Internet Addiction is a Real Medical Condition. What about blogging?

I actually thought I was addicted to Video Games, but then I woke up one morning and started to install Drupal. Now my addiction has moved to playing around with Drupal and Blogging. :(
AMA to Vote on Whether or Not Video Game/Internet Addiction is a Real Medical Condition -


The American Medical Association is taking steps to classify Internet and video game addiction as an actual medical condition. A vote is scheduled next week where members will decide whether or not to officially apply the “addiction” label. Bah, addictions are good for people. They help build character, at least the fun ones do.

In all seriousness, how many stories have we seen about some guy essentially giving up his real life to exclusively live a Second Life or to level up his Blood Elf until he passes out? Sure, this article points out that public scares like “they’re listening to too much rock music” or “rap encourages and celebrates the thug lifestyle” are common in American history, but video game and Internet addiction certainly seems to exist, at least anecdotally.

AMA to vote on “internet/video-game addiction” as medical condition [South Florida Sun-Sentinel via Drudge]


Notepad++ v4.1 released

Notepad++ v4.1 released - Notepad++ is a free generic source code editor (and Notepad replacement), which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment. The version 4.1 is available. In this release not only the interface of Find in files dialog is improved distinctly, but find, replace and find in files dialogs are now 3 in 1. The version 1.73 of Scintilla include the CMake lexer. And just by chance, I worked a lot with CMake recently at work, so I updated Scintilla from v1.71 to v1.73, and supports the language of CMake. CMakeLists.txt is also available for the source code of Notepad++ (in "src" directory). It's tested only with the generation of VC project file, but not with the generation of MinGW makefile. 3 new plugins are added in this release : SpellChecker, NppExec and QuickText. SpellChecker help you to corect the tipos in your document. You should have aspell instaled to make it work. With NppExec plugin you can execute your commands or saved scripts without leaving Notepad++. It makes you triple your productivity! QuickText is a snippet manager. Once you define all your snippet in you beloved language, type the macro keyword then Ctrl+Enter - I can hear you say "wow". Another new feature is the clickable URL (http only). It's rather a gadget, but I like it. v4.1 fixed bugs and added features (from v4.0.2) : 1. Fix the crash issue while saving settings on quit. 2. Fix the crash issue while using the command line with one launched Notepad++ instance. 3. Enhance Find in files feature : * Improve Find in files user interface (more intuitive). * The search result (also for find in all opened files) is docked on the bottom of Notepad++. * Recursive search is optional. * Search result is collapsable by file. * User defined keywords for search result. 4. Add tabbing interface in Find dialog : Find/Replace/Find in files 5. Add clickable URL http link feature (double click to trigger). 6. Add cmake language support. 7. Add mark all without launching Find dialog (Ctrl+M). 8. Fix the ROFL (Recent Opened File List) bug : try to open a non-existing file from ROFL, the full file path doesn't be removed from ROFL. 9. Enhance the backup feature : in verbose mode, the file will be backed up in .\nppBackup directory. 10. Update Scintilla component to v1.73 For further information about this project, see : and the project page : Don