Sony Slashes Price of PlayStation 3

Sony has dropped the pricing of its PlayStation 3 console by $100!

Sony has dropped the pricing of its PlayStation 3 console by $100!

ony Corp. is slashing the starting price for PlayStation 3 consoles in the U.S. by $100, its latest attempt to boost slow sales of the machine in time for the holiday season.

The move, widely expected after similar actions in Japan and Europe, introduces a new PlayStation 3 model with a 40-gigabyte hard drive for $399. That compares with an earlier entry-level price of $499 on a model with 60 gigabytes of storage capacity. Sony in July lowered the price on the 60-gigabyte model from $599.

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RESTORE 4.0a28-1 (Default branch)

This is a similar application to PC Backup, both are software managed backups which are open sourced and free as in beer. I will be doing a review of this software if time permits, as it does look really good instead of manual rsync backups.
RESTORE 4.0a28-1 (Default branch) - Screenshot RESTORE is an enterprise network backup and recovery solution for Windows, Novell, Mac OS X (data fork), Unix, and Linux systems. It is scalable to a complete backup solution for multiple workstations, servers, and data centers. It operates over local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet.

How to restrict users in linux to their home directory

So lets say you have a server with a bunch of users and they all have sites and data and you don't want them to be able to see each others data. A lot of distributions aren't setup to stop users from wandering and reading files within other users directories.

NASA funded robots to search for life under Arctic ice

NASA funded robots to search for life under Arctic ice -

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In a mission that is apparently similar to searching for life under the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa (sans the space travel part), three robots are set to start a mission to explore the underwater hot springs under the ice of the Arctic: because someone else did the Antarctic last year. On a 40 day expedition in July, researchers from Cape Cod hope to use three new robotic vehicles -- two that can operate without cables under ice -- to find life that resides in the hot streams along the techtonic boundary between Eurasia and North America. Although the robots can descend over 3 miles under the water working just meters from the bottom to photograph objects and collect samples, the task of the NASA-funded $450,000 Puma and Jaguar robots will be hindered by the rough terrain and their inability to surface through the ice. Sounds like NASA's got quite a while to go until it can submarine around Europa -- they probably won't be able to surface there at all.

Featured Mac Download: Monitor your Mac with iStat menus

Featured Mac Download: Monitor your Mac with iStat menus - istat-menus.png

Mac OS X only: Donationware application iStat menus integrates system statistics like CPU, RAM, HD, and Network usage into your Mac's menubar.

iStat menus is completely customizable, so you can include only those stats that you want (enabling all of the available stats would mean a lot of menubar clutter). In the past we discussed how to display your system activity in the dock, but iStat menus takes this idea to an entirely new level of system monitoring. iStat menus is donationware, Mac OS X only.


The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting

This is awesome. Hopefully this will show the competitors that their service is slow and sometimes over zealous with the deleting of some content. Go Pirate Bay!
The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting -

Us pirates know that The Pirate Bay team has been working on several new projects, with one of them becoming a competitor to YouTube. For now though, we’ve been blessed with BayImg, a unique image hosting service from TPB. Unlike sites like Photobucket and Imageshack, who will delete your photos if deemed “unfit”, BayImg lets you upload any image, uncensored, in over 100+ file formats.

So break out those photos of you shooting JFK and upload them without worry. BayImg takes no personal information from you and gives you a url for image deletion in case you got ahead of yourself. Tags are also available for easy browsing. Seems like a great service. So can it take on the big players? It’s quite possible.

The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting [TorrentFreak]