AT&T now providing the Blackberry Curve to its customers.

The new Blackberry 8310 Curve is now in AT&T stores for purchase, the biggest change is that it has GPS.

The new Blackberry 8310 Curve is now in AT&T stores for purchase, the biggest change is that it has GPS.

Those of you who’ve been sitting on an AT&T upgrade and waiting for your dream Blackberry to arrive, today is your day. The 8310, aka another Curve, is now available at your neighborhood AT&T store. Or should be, at least. My local store here in Seattle hasn’t received their stock yet, but are confident it’ll be in today.

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AMD considering getting out of fabrication business

This is something I saw over at Ars Technica. This is a big and ugly move for AMD, no chip fabrication and just straight up design might put them in a hard place. Intel at the moment does both, and has many fabrication production facilities. Here are some facts about AMD:

AMD has planned expansions in their production capacity. In addition to the completion of Fab 36 in Dresden (300 mm 90 nmSOI), AMD is planning to upgrade Fab 30 (adjacent to Fab 36) in Dresden from 200 mm 90 nm process SOI to a 300 mm 65 nm process SOI facility and rename it Fab 38, and open a new facility at the Luther Park Technology Campus in Stillwater, New York (likely 300 mm 32 nm process SOI production) between years 2009 to 2010. process

And here is some information about Intel:

Intel currently operates four 300-mm fabs that provide the equivalent manufacturing capacity of about eight 200-mm factories. Those factories are located in Oregon, Ireland and New Mexico. The company also has an additional 300-mm fab currently under construction in Arizona (Fab 12) scheduled to begin operations later this year, and one expansion in Ireland (Fab 24-2) scheduled to begin operations in the first quarter of next year.

It was hard to find a lot of detail about Intels Facilities. Even WikiPedia and a 4 page google search turned up nothing.

AMD considering getting out of fabrication business -
Reports are surfacing that AMD is seriously considering a move out of the chip fabrication business, focusing its efforts entirely on chip design. It would be a risky move on AMD's part, even if it would ameliorate some of the company's cash flow problems.
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WP-CLI Cheat Sheet

WooCommerce wp wc update – Updated WooCommerce database from command line. LiteSpeed wp lscache-purge all – Purge all…

Insane Laptop: Alienware m9750

Insane Laptop: Alienware m9750 -

Looks like Alienware will never stop out-doing itself. This bad boy comes packed with up to two 512MB GeForce Go 7950’s using SLI and a slew of Core 2 Duos to pick from. Options include a pair of 200GB HDD’s in RAID 0 for a total of 400 gigs of media storing power. The 17″ 1920 x 1200 res LCD is also sure to impress. Integrated b/g/nwireless, Bluetooth 2.0, and 7.1 high def audio is definitely making a few mouths water at CrunchGear HQ.

Alienware Area 51 m9750

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