Daniel J. Bernstein releases his code into the public domain!

Daniel J. Bernstein has stated he is releasing his future and previous work under the public domain. You can watch the video of his announcement here.

Daniel J. Bernstein has stated he is releasing his future and previous work under the public domain. You can watch the video of his announcement here.

This is a good idea, however maybe a little too late? Qmail was a popular MTA that required many patches and lots of configuration and general fiddling to get working. Not to mention how it general handles mail the wrong way, unlike Exim or Sendmail which have been around for some time. In general I feel that Qmail is not mature, not regularly maintaned and doesn’t handle mail in a proper fashion. If he came to this conclusion when he first released Qmail, then maybe it would be more than a hassle to work with.

Daemon Tools on the other hand is a great piece of software! Although you want to make sure that you’re using the init system that comes with your distrobution. Daemon Tools does work well with DJB’s other software he has released.

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Pimp Your XP - An anonymous reader writes "Ezinearticles.com has up an interesting article on how you can improve Windows XP to mimic and even surpass Vista — at least some of its new features. Several of the suggestions cost money and others are free. From improving the user interface with Stardock to mimicking new security features with open source software such as Sudown, the article discusses many ways that die-hard XP users can enhance their environment without moving to Vista."

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BlockHosts 2.0.5 (Default branch)

BlockHosts 2.0.5 (Default branch) - BlockHosts is a script to record how many times a local system is attacked, based on configurable scanning of system logs for sshd or other services. When a particular IP address exceeds a configured number of failed login attempts, that IP address is blocked using hosts.allow files, or by using null-routing, or by using packet filtering. An email notification facility is also available. License: Public Domain Changes:
This release updates the vsftpd rule and adds an --enable-patterns option to enable specific rules at run-time. Email notification is now sent on both adds and deletes of host IP addresses, and the source distribution includes the test routines.


Have Windows 2003 event viewer alerts sent to a network syslog server

I stumbled upon a little application called "evtsys" that was created by some Computer Engineering folks at Purdue University. The program runs on Microsft Windows 2000/2003/Vista 32-bit or 64-bit version and sends eventlog messages to a networked syslog server. You can then have syslog either print out the alert or write to a file.

Microsoft better at patching XP than Vista?

Microsoft better at patching XP than Vista? - A Microsoft security executive released data Thursday showing that, six months after shipping Windows Vista, his company has left more publicly disclosed Vista bugs unpatched than it did with Windows XP. In total, Microsoft has patched 12 out of 27 disclosed Vista vulnerabilities in the six months after it first shipped last November. During XP's first six months, Microsoft's security team patched 36 out of 39 known bugs. The data was published by Jeff Jones, a Microsoft security strategy director, who said that overall, Vista was doing better than XP. "Windows Vista continues to show a trend of fewer total and fewer high-severity vulnerabilities at the six month mark compared to its predecessor product, Windows XP," he wrote.

Jones didn't address the larger number of unpatched vulnerabilities, but he did note most of the unpatched Vista bugs were not critical. Microsoft had left only one high-severity Vista vulnerability unpatched during the period. At the end of XP's first six months, there were two high-severity bugs that were unpatched. Microsoft patched 23 high-severity XP bugs during its first six months, compared with only one high-severity Vista flaw. Jones argued that Vista had a lower number of vulnerabilities than competitive operating system products such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Mac OS X.

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