Daniel J. Bernstein releases his code into the public domain!

Daniel J. Bernstein has stated he is releasing his future and previous work under the public domain. You can watch the video of his announcement here.

Daniel J. Bernstein has stated he is releasing his future and previous work under the public domain. You can watch the video of his announcement here.

This is a good idea, however maybe a little too late? Qmail was a popular MTA that required many patches and lots of configuration and general fiddling to get working. Not to mention how it general handles mail the wrong way, unlike Exim or Sendmail which have been around for some time. In general I feel that Qmail is not mature, not regularly maintaned and doesn’t handle mail in a proper fashion. If he came to this conclusion when he first released Qmail, then maybe it would be more than a hassle to work with.

Daemon Tools on the other hand is a great piece of software! Although you want to make sure that you’re using the init system that comes with your distrobution. Daemon Tools does work well with DJB’s other software he has released.

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Exim4 and PHP and PHP-CGI mail() function using incorrect From: and applying Sender: headers.

If you're using Exim4 and PHP as a module or as a CGI with suexec. You may have noticed some issues with your mail. Specifically you would have noticed that either the "From:" header was using "nobody@machinename" or "user@machine name, its also possibly that you had an additional header called "Sender:". There are two things you need to do to fix this. You first need to make sure that your "php.ini" has the following value "sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i". Which is the default, double check this variable as it might be set to something else.

Comcast traffic blocking: even more apps, groupware clients affected

More information about the supposed filters that Comcast has implemented to curb Bittorrent traffic on its network. Only now it looks as though the appplication suit Lotus Notes is affected.
Last week, we reported on mounting evidence that Comcast is targeting and disrupting BitTorrent traffic on its network. Further digging by interested parties has turned up more indication that BitTorrent isn't the only popular P2P protocol being tampered with by the United States' largest ISP.

Ubuntu 7.10 officially released

Ubuntu 7.10 is officially released, and ready for download through a Ubuntu mirror or through Bittorrent. Lots of fans are happy that they can finally start using a non RC (Release Candidate) version. The wired review goes in-depth into what has changes and what is now available in the new version of Ubunutu.

Writers Write “B-Logs,” Get Money

This is an interesting read of other people in the business that write all about technology and get paid for it. I guess we're all trying to get to a point in our life where we can do something we enjoy and also be financially stable at the same time. This is a good way to start.
Writers Write “B-Logs,” Get Money -

arringtonmalikx.jpgUSA Today, that bastion of hard news, is covering a new fad popular with the kids called “B-logging.” They talk about two “b-loggers,” Om Malley and Mike Orvington, who used to work at real jobs and now eat ice cream and write about computers.

Now I don’t know who these people are or what they think they’re doing, but I think it’s bad to show people that you can make “real money” — how much, Om Malley? $5? HA! — doing this. There are jobs that Americans should be doing — car repair, HVAC installation, dance instruction — that are going empty while these two jokers sit around all day pretending to work. For shame. “B-logging,” like stamp collecting and religious observance, should be considered a hobby and nothing more. Let’s not encourage these bozos.

Tech blogs go from hobbies to businesses [USAToday]


Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware/Update

It has only been a few weeks and Apple has already released an updated firmwave for the iPhone. Could this mean Apple isn't going to sit on bugfixes, are more updates going to be released in the same short time span. A couple of weeks is really short, however a couple of months to improve some iPhone features, fix bugs or release new functionality is something that should be embraced.