WHMCS Lightbox Loading Image in Footer (Cloudflare Issue)

You might have seen a loading image in the footer of your WHMCS admin page. If you inspect the page, you’ll see it’s got some tags for the lightbox.

The issue is related to Cloudflare Rocket Loader, you can simply create a page rule to disable Rocket Loader on the admin pages or disable Rocket Loader altogether.

Source: https://whmcs.community/topic/309599-loading-spinner-admin-area/

Disable Rocket Loader with Cloudflare Page Rule

If you wish to disable Rocket Loader for a specific URL then you can use Cloudflare Page Rules using the following configuration.

CloudFlare Cache Purge Plugin Logs to Posts

You might have seen the following Posts in your WordPress blog after installing the CloudFlare Cache Plugin.

SUCCESS : automatic purge url cache for wordpress plugin

This is actually something the plugin is suppose to do, but there is no option to turn it off. And it looks like the plugin hasn’t been updated in months.


You can disable this by commenting out the following line as per the support article above

I had to comment the line 86 (//wp_insert_post( $log_entry );) in cloudflare_cachepurge.php.