Sleazy lawsuit of the week!

Sleazy lawsuit of the week! – A Dutch woman has lost her compensation claim for mental distress she suffered from missing out when her neighbors won a lottery windfall. [Dvorak]
Sleazy lawsuit of the week!A Dutch woman has lost her compensation claim for mental distress she suffered from missing out when her neighbors won a lottery windfall. [Dvorak]
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GRUB for DOS 0.4.3pre1 (Default branch)

GRUB for DOS 0.4.3pre1 (Default branch) - Screenshot GRUB for DOS is a rebuild of the GNU GRUB boot manager for DOS, and can be run under real mode DOS. It also has many new features. It can be booted through BOOT.INI of Windows (grldr) and kexec of Linux (grub.exe). It can directly boot NTLDR (WindowsNT/2K/XP), IO.SYS (Windows9x/Me) and KERNEL.SYS (FreeDOS). The disk emulation feature is another enhancement over GNU GRUB, and can be used to run legacy DOS/Windows9x systems with floppy or hard disk images.
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
A new option --in-situ for the map command has been added. Two syntactic operators, && and ||, have been implemented. is64bit, errnum, errorcheck, and hiddenflag commands have been added. PXE support has been added. Full NTFS support has been done. A lot of bugs have been fixed.


InstantBird 0.1: A light weight multi-protocol Instant Menssenger for Windows/Linux/MacOSX

InstantBird is a mutli-protocol Instant Messenger that uses parts of Pidgin and Firefox, it is open source and is available to Windows, Linux and MacOSX.
Instantbird is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client. Using it, you can connect to all your different IM accounts. It uses the Mozilla rendering engine to display IMs, and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the different networks. Instantbird is a free and open source software. So you are free to use, distribute and modify it. The project is just on its first release, many features are not implemented yet. We hope you will like it and look forward to get your feedback!
Visit the official InstantBird Site

The most essential Firefox Extensions for Webmasters

If you're a hard core HTML/CSS/PHP hacker, this list will come in handy. It has lots and lots of tools that will help you with the average day hacking. Some will shave off minutes from development time and other hours.
Essential List on Firefox Extensions for Webmaster The Essential List and Resources on Firefox Extensions is a popular post here, due to one reason - Firefox has too many extensions and it is difficult and time consuming for a user who just wanted to install some cool extensions to get started on their Firefox journey. Because our original list was more toward normal and daily usage - and being a part time webmaster and blogger, I want to introduce some of the extensions I used to assist my webmaster responsibilities and tasks. Oh yes, I will only display extensions that save my web developing time for other tasks and projects in my life. Same drill here - I am going to list some must have, should have and good to have extensions, based on my experience and usage: