DS2 announces 400Mbps powerline networking

Never really thought and still don’t think Powerline based Networking would take off. With the increase in speed to 400Mbps, this will defiantly give a lot of fiber technologies a run for their money.

Never really thought and still don’t think Powerline based Networking would take off. With the increase in speed to 400Mbps, this will defiantly give a lot of fiber technologies a run for their money.

Launch Event and Demos in New York City next month, November 2007

18th October 2007, Valencia, SPAIN – DS2 announced today that it has developed technology that will allow next generation powerline products to operate at a peak data rate of 400Mbps. This milestone will enable the development of new HD-capable multimedia applications, such as multi-channel HD-IPTV delivery or multi-room PVR.

Demonstrations of the 400 Mbps powerline technology will be featured at the invitation only technology launch in New York City next month. DS2 400Mbps technology will be available in next generation products from DS2 on time to satisfy the demands for extra bandwidth in the digital home and last mile applications that most analysts predict will happen from 2009 onwards. Next generation multimedia applications including multi-room IPTV and HDTV networked entertainment services, networked PVRs (personal video recorders) and multiple video streams will require bandwidth sufficient to support 5 or more simultaneous video streams.

A recent study from the Diffusion Group on ”Bandwidth Challenges to the Digital Home” (2007), confirmed that the need for bandwidth sufficient to deliver at least 3 HDTV and 2 SDTV streams to the home is foreseen as early as 2009.

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Volvo treasure hunt delayed after locating $500 million instead

Volvo treasure hunt delayed after locating $500 million instead -

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In an interesting turn of events, it seems like the winner of Volvo's lucrative treasure hunt won't be unearthing the $50,000 treasure anytime soon, as the automaker's hunt partner (Odyssey Marine Exploration) has happened upon an actual $500 million treasure instead. The reported fortune is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean -- in a secretive area known only as Black Swan -- but reports are claiming that a court in the Spanish coastal town of La Linea has "issued an order for the Spanish Guardia Civil to detain any Odyssey vessel should it leave the port of Gibraltar," which has brought about an abrupt halt to Volvo's retrieval plans. Thankfully, it sounds like the Russian winner will still be awarded the dough and a new XC70 to boot, but there's no telling how long it'll be before Odyssey is able to put aside its bigger worries and dig up the (comparatively) paltry $50k.

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I remember the first Celerons or 'Cellys' back in the day. Cheap and relatively good for someone who can only work on one task at a time. Not for an uber geek or insane multi-tasker as you would be able to tell whether or not you were using a Celeron by just sitting down and using the PC for 15 minutes. Either way, an affordable alternative to the current Intel Core Duos.
Intel Preps Dual-Core Celeron Microprocessors - Multi-core chips are sweeping the processor market and single cores are becoming harder and harder to find. This trend is about to go through the roof while prices plummet to the basement.

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