MSP360 (Cloudberry) Backup SSL Certificate Expired when using Backblaze B2 Storage

If you’ve been using the MSP360 backup client on older CentOS hosts, you might have run into this error.


Upon further investigation, the agent error log /opt/local/Online Backup/<INSERTUUIDHERE>/logs/log_worker_<ANOTHERUUID>}.log show the following errors.


The issue was being on the client version Linux (rpm) v. of which this MSP360 community support thread speaks about upgrading to the latest version of the client.

To do so, you need to click on “Downloads” from your MSP360 admin dashboard and request the update of the default build. The new build ended up being

Once done, you can then update your clients under RMM->Remote Management, then click the settings icon to the far right and then click “Force Update”.