Dell OSMA on Proxmox/Debian Buster

I found a Reddit post that I wanted to make sure I kept in case it gets deleted and lost forever.

My Issue

I have some Dell servers that I wanted to enable iDRAC on remotely via a secondary network interface. Unfortunately, I didn’t have physical access. So I needed to use OSMA to enable iDRAC and configure the necessary network details.

Proxmox and Dell OSMA

If you have a Dell server and you want to be able to use the OSMA (Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator) on your Proxmox server. Here’s a quick guide that someone posted on Reddit and on the Proxmox forums.


The code below on the Proxmox forums works, but the Reddit code doesn’t.

Since the code is half-baked on both. I’ve maintained my own version.

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