My Road to Video Editing in 2024

I posted this on Facebook, because I had to clean up my Google Drive due to lack of storage and sort through dumps I did onto Google Drive. Some of the dumps included video footage.

I’ve been going through video footage from 2015 and putting up on Youtube. Starting to get the hang of Davinci Resolve, but now stuck with trying to get music. I know I’ll need it for WordPress related videos in the future.

What are you using to source royalty or one time fee music?

Second, what are the tools you’re using to create videos?

Thanks, and happy Friday yall!

Here are some of the suggestions, as well as information I’ve found

Research and Suggestions

Screen Capture

Camtasia – Fast and Easy Video Editing Software | TechSmith
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You can use YouTube’s free music, but here are some platforms that have free and paid music.

Royalty-Free Music for Videos | Download | Epidemic Sound
The best royalty-free music catalog for content creators and filmmakers of all levels. Try it for free and use our over 40,000 royalty-free tracks on all platforms.
Pricing • Select Your Plan • Uppbeat
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