Experience with Thunderbolt 3 USBC Docking Stations for macOS

Current Setup

I had a request from a client to purchase dual monitors for their Macbook Pro Late 2013 (or Macbook11,1). I also wanted to sort out my own setup Macbook Pro 2016 (Macbook13,2). Currently I’m using the following, an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter and a generic ArkTek branded adapter. Both come with a USB-C Power passthrough, HDMI and a USB Port, I can power both monitors. I tried to daisy chain the adapters, power pass through works but the second display doesn’t. I don’t know if that’s even possible, perhaps if I need to use two Apple based adapters. Anyways, this is a great, but ultimately I’d like one cable to rule them all.

Using a Single Cable Docking Station, or we thought

Enter Wavlink, I saw their product simply by searching Amazon, they seemed to be well reviewed. It’s a pretty standard dock, as you can see below. Insert front and rear ports. Insert Wavlink Amazon The connection to the computer is via a USB-C port, however the box includes a two cables. One USB-C to USB-C and one USB-C to USB Type A. So you can pretty much use it on anything, however you need to make sure you can install the drivers.

Drivers? Why do I need Drivers?

So this is something I forgot completely when ordering. The Wavlink has a DisplayLink chipset inside, which is used to push the external monitors. So in-fact you’re not use your on-board graphics card to Although it doesn’t support charging, there is a model available. It’s just not listed on Amazon. Insert Wavlink charging from Website But there’s one big issue I have with both of the above docking stations. They use the DisplayLink chipset that powers the monitors plugged into the dock station. http://www.displaylink.com/integrated-chipsets/dl-1×5  

Groovy (Grooveshark) Plugin for Apple TV2 4.2 Firmware

I stumbled upon an updated package for Groovy thats works on my Apple TV2 4.2 Firmware. The following forum topic is where I found the package. As well as a direct download mirrored on my site.


Download com.atv.groovy_0.4-5_iphoneos-arm.deb – [download id=”4″]